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               Joene Denning Bone          

Credentials and Badges

Forty-five years (eeks! that long?) experience in corporate consultative sales, marketing, website design, alternative healthcare, healing clinics, business management, education, and the arts.  I am excited to serve as Master Healing and Marketing Strategist for the websites Speak Truth to Pain and Pain Defeater.  I am the author of Success Power:  Master the Dynamics of Success!  

My passion for helping entrepreneurs and home-based business owners comes full circle on My Success Power’s website.  These pages are loaded with the tools needs to launch and to sustain your business.  I’ve included Success Mind-Set helps to encourage and keep you motivated.

Solo business owners have a long list of daily tasks that demand focus and skill. New business tools and amazing marketing products constantly come to the global marketplace, and, frequently, they escape notice.

Success Power watches for those products and applications that offer shortcuts, ease of use, and faster delivery of information and marketing efforts.  These will be bundled into eCourses and eBooks for you.



To introduce you to genuine life Success. To find Success tools for you, so you don’t have to.

Driving Passion

To ignite life Success. To work with people, who want to bring their creativity to the world. To deliver tools and strategies that nurture creativity and trigger life long Success!

Lessons Learnt

Be willing to heal.
Never give up!
There’s always a way to succeed!
There is no excuse for not trying.
Spare no effort to find the answer – dig-down!
Humanize the face of pain always.
Service is imperative.
Customers are people, too.
Civility counts.
Love rules everything.
Do what you love.
Seek harmony.
Train yourself to see beauty.
We have all been touched by terminal illness and hardship.
Be compassionate.
Don’t turn your back on your gifts.
Life is about coming to consciousness.
Creativity is life.
Prayer is vital.
Don’t forget peak times, especially when you’re low.
Laughter is a great healer.
A well made ravioli is a slice of heaven.
A well sung opera is the other part of heaven!
Cook for the people you love!
There is no place like San Francisco. (sorry Dorothy and Toto!)

Joseph, Holistic Health Products , San Francisco Bay Area

“I have worked with Joene more since 2011 and consider her to be one of the most skilled energy healers of our time and a dear friend.  I cannot, in this lifetime, repay her kindness and generosity that she has shown to me.  Her knowledge and experience have been invaluable both personally and professionally, and her wisdom has been invaluable beyond measure.  I cannot recommend Joene highly enough to anyone who is seeking insight into truly understanding and resolving their physical and emotional challenges.”

Nancy, Reedsport, Oregon

“Joene will guide you with a gentle hand and the wisdom of a saint. In all the years I’ve know her (23 yrs), she has always, walked her talk. Joene has the analytical skills and expertise to align a plan for her clients, because she is extremely gifted in energy healing work herself. She has a genuine concern for people’s well being, emanating love around everyone she meets. What an impact her healing work has! She is definitely someone I would trust, with my own life.”

Jean T. Regan,

“I have also been fortunate to have trained with Joene Denning Bone. Fabulous product but her teaching skills and patience are out of this world. I too am doing short videos for my business. Thank you Joene Denning Bone.”

Anu, India

 “Joene taught me that there is no one way to heal. Each person must discover a healing path and pace that works just for them. So grateful Joene supported me while I figured it out!”

Jonathan, New York

“I speak from the experience of being in a deep rut, emotionally and spiritually. Joene explained a perspective that cast a bright light on shadows, and this was beyond my mental understanding. It lifted me beyond hurt.”

Shelia, Canada

“I had a lot of pain in my back and legs and Joene talked me through how to deal with it, but I also found the pain to be gone after sessions with her.”

Marcia, Spokane

“I had tried everything to get rid of the pain. Looking for relief was as exhausting as coping with the fibro itself.  Joene had the information and strategies that were my lifesavers!  She stuck with me.  Finally, I have a path to wellness”

James, Los Angeles

“Joene opened my eyes to knowledge that I discovered as being mine already. She moved me from feeling hopeless to feeling I had all the tools within me for total health as she brought me to hugely reduced pain.”

Beatriz Amair Santa Cruz County, CA

“I highly recommend Joene Bone, as an extraordinary energy healer.  She is very knowledgeable and compassionate, going the extra mile to be sure that the patient is improving, that the treatment is working. She offers support and the comfort of her expertise during the length of the illness, making the patient feel that they are not alone and that they count.”

Joene’s ebook, Success Power, culminates decades-long study and experience. The book is loaded with the tactics needed to jump over your personal Chasm of Doubts and Cannots, and into your real-life Success. Yet, these fundamentals can only take you so far. You need something more – your honest willingness to Succeed! With a little diligence, determination and Success Power’s help, you will achieve your dream via a process that has helped hundreds of people throughout the world.


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